How should I describe my experiences?

Describing your experiences is the most important piece to your resume. If you can’t accurately describe what you’ve done, why would a recruiter want to talk to you? Pointing out important details of your experience are the key to writing a better resume that gets results.

Be Specific

Keep in mind that someone reviewing your resume has seen, or will see, hundreds of resumes in a day. Most will just blend together because of the generic descriptions contained in them. If you can be specific about your experiences, they are more likely to stand out and will be remembered when it comes time to offer interviews. If you work in a coffee shop and were able to teach coworkers how to make a drink, you didn’t just ‘serve coffee’ or ‘work well in a team’, you ‘trained 7 coworkers on new beverage recipes’. Specific details are much easier to remember and easier to recommend than general statements.

Be Relevant

The most compelling experiences relate to the position you are applying for. They don’t necessarily have to be exactly what you will be doing in the future, either. Just show that what you have done in the past relates to what the position is looking for. If you are looking to move into hospitality, include details about customer service even if it is in a different industry. If you don’t believe your experience is relevant at all, check this out.  Relevant experience is very helpful in getting your resume noticed.

Be Results Oriented

This piece is more difficult than the other two. Being results oriented means you talk about the outcomes of your work. Don’t just talk about the work you did, talk about the benefits or the end product that you generated. A typical resume may include ‘Provided great customer service’. Put down the results, like ‘Consistently received 90+% on customer satisfaction surveys for excellent service’. If you worked on a project that made something, a book, video, or anything, that is actively being used, include that as well.

Wrap up

Providing specific, relevant, and results oriented details about your experience is a challenge. Not many people will put this level of thought into their resume, so if you take the time to really put these principles into your resume, you will surely stand out. Are there any challenges you face wording your experiences this way? Did you figure out a really good way to explain your experiences? Let me know in the comments.